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my name is lola !
txt and stray kids fanartist

{ 17, she/they, lg[b]t, scorpio, istp, slytherin }

kpop stan list

*dates are when i started stanning the groups!

txt: yeonjun (predebut moa)bts: taegi (feb 2019)loona: yves (oct 2019)ateez: hongjoong (oct 2019)

skz: bangchan (may 2020)enhypen: sunoo (nov 2020)itzy: yuna (apr 2019)

+ ateez, day 6, seventeen, red velvet, twice, mamamoo, everglow, blackpink, sunmi, chung ha, shinee/taemin, dreamcatcher, + more


  1. what program/app do you use? Procreate on my iPad Pro or Clip Studio Paint on my Macbook!

  2. what brushes do you use? in Procreate, i use the 6B pencil to sketch, the peppermint pencil or the gel pen for lineart, and various other pens from the "JingSketches Basics" pack!!

  3. how long does it take to finish a drawing? depends! if the drawing is simple, it can take anywhere from 2-4 hours. if it's a difficult composition, it can be anywhere between 6-14 hours -

  4. how long have you been drawing? i've been drawing my whole life, but I started drawing digitally in 4th grade (around 10/11 years old)

art permissions:

okay (w/ credit !)
-profile pictures and icons
-phone wallpapers (no need to ask)
-drawings of my character designs (ie. my origins designs!)

not allowed
-editing (editing the art itself)


coming soon. ish. maybe.

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